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Our Lamb

Due to the size of a lamb carcass, establishing the various cuts is maybe not as difficult as it may be with beef. However, it can sometimes still cause a bit of concern with customers. Before we look at that though, it is worth looking at the types of lamb that you can be offered. Again, the majority of Irish sheep are extremely happy living in an extensive environment and the lush Irish fields are ideal for this. Fed on grass during the summer with a supplemented diet of natural feedstuffs in the winter, this helps to produce high-quality lambs.

The nice thing about lamb is generally they are not that big and a side of lamb is quite a good food product to get to fill a freezer. New season lambs weigh about 20kg dead weight so there is not an overwhelming amount of meat.

Where possible we use lamb from our family farm, grass-fed and fattened in the natural way.


Shoulder and lamb shanks are great for slow cooking and stews. This part of the lamb is very flavorsome especially in stews and casseroles


Centre Loin, Side Loin Chops, and Cutlets are all delicious. These chops are generally fried, grilled, or barbequed and are very tender. Ideal for a super meal in minutes.


Leg of Lamb, Shoulder of Lamb, and Rack of Lamb are the big three when it comes to roasting and ideally should be roasted, although the Leg can be butterflied and marinated and great for the BBQ.

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