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Our Pork

We would always advocate the use of outside reared pigs as a starting point and, in an ideal world, the pigs would be classified as free range. Furthermore, where available, preference should be given to using rare breeds of pork. The reasons for this are two fold; the first is that breeds such as Gloucester Old Spot and Tamworths produce a richer and more flavorsome meat with a good cover of fat. The second reason is that one of the best ways of preserving these great breeds of pig is by giving them a reason to be bred. By making them more popular in butcher shops and other outlets, it will lead to greater preservation of the breeds. 

So what cuts should we be looking at?

Slowed cooked

Shoulder, Gigot, Hocks or Belly of Pork are excellent for slow-cooked meals especially pulled pork. Packed with flavour and need nothing more than a pinch of salt.


Loin pork chops can be boneless or on the bone depending on the customer preference and come marinated as well. Loin of pork is great for BBQ, or cooked the oven lean and tasty


Pork mince is also very delicious in lasagnas we use a beef and pork mince for our meatballs- “what a celebration in any meal”.

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